Interior Styling / February 27, 2020

A beautiful home does not need to be expensive

“A beautiful home does not need to be expensive” is my motto at Style Luxe for Less.

When speaking to families I often hear them say how they would love to redecorate their home to make it more practical and look beautiful, but that they just dont have enough money.

To them I say it certainly doesn’t need to be. If you are willing to invest a bit of time and work it can look and feel amazing on a very small budget.

We are spoiled with retailers these days that offer affordable home decor, and yes I hear you, they are not all at the forfront of eco friendliness, something most of us are becoming more and more aware of.

But the saying- we can’t do everything but we can all do something, certainly goes for Interior Decorating as well. Its all about finding a balance.

I love sourcing and using vintage and second hand furniture when I decorate both for myself and clients, and saving it from going into unnecessary landfill. You might need to give it a bit of a makeover such as painting it and changing handles etc. But not only have you most probably saved yourself a decent amount of money by buying second hand you have also contributed with something sustainable with very low impact on our environment. And it is also such an amazing feeling to know that you have taken someone elses “trash” and turned it into a real treasure, right!?

If you then choose to style it with items from our budget friendly retailers dont stress to much.

The images below are just an example. All the furniture you see in this room is secondhand, sourced on FB Marketplace and cost me less than $300. And was given a facelift with some paint and new knobs. Styled with decor from Kmart, IKEA and H&M.

Majvillan Wallpaper, True Unicorn, Evening Blue


Majvillan Wallpaper, True Unicorn, Evening Blue

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