Lifestyle / May 2, 2019

Dare to go dark

Being Swedish it always comes natural to me to use a lot of white throughout for all of my projects, and I know that you can hardly ever go wrong with that decision.

However on my latest project, our forever home, I decided to really go out of my comfort zone when designing our Master Bedroom. I had always like the look of a dark and moody bedroom but always been to scared to create one for myself.

It was not a a quick decision and it took me weeks to decide on the right color. However the color I went with in the end was actually the first one I picked when I selected samples. It is called Signature by Dulux and I believe it has the perfect mix of grey and blue.

I added a lot of different textures on the bed such as linen and velvet and chose brass ceiling pendants above the bedside tables that really pop and look amazing against the dark walls.

I am thrilled with the results of the room and it makes me feel calm and ready for rest the second I enter, which is exactly what you want from a bedroom.

Photographer Kristen Nicole Photography



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