Interior Styling / April 10, 2019

My favourite white.

I often get asked which white colour to use in a room, and the answer isn’t always the same. Which white color to choose comes down to so many variables, such as your space and the light in that space. Do you want a warm feel or do want a cooler feel?

White with a yellow undertone tends to give a warmer feel whilst blue undertones give a cool and crisp feel.

In spaces with a lot of natural light a cooler white will look really good whilst in a space that has very limited natural light it will look nicer with a warmer white with yellow undertones.

My personal favourite is Dulux Vivid White, which is a cool and crisp white that will make everything in the room pop. I believe it gives a luxe look with a Scandinavian feel. Vivid White is the color used in the photo on walls, ceiling and skirtings. Vivid White is the only white I used for this project as it had a lot of natural light and high ceilings.

Photographer Kristen Nicole Photography Melbourne.




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