Interior Styling / November 10, 2016

Why I love IKEA

Most people I talk to about Interior Design with IKEA either love or hate it. Very rarely do I meet someone that is neutral.

Having grown up in Sweden less than an hour away from the IKEA Headquarters in Almhult, the home of the Allen Key statue, it is very hard for me not to love IKEA and all that it stands for. And when I do get a bit homesick IKEA is often the place I go to, nothing like a few Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry Sauce to make me feel right at home! 

My vision when I started Style Luxe For Less was to show people that everyone can create a beautiful home even if you have a very limited budget, and IKEA lets you do just that. And it does not make you feel guilty, if you after a few years get tired of your furniture and would like to change it, because you did not spend a fortune when you bought it.

At 38 years of age I have never owned a Sofa that was not from IKEA.

Whenever I get tired of the colour or fabric I just buy a new cover for it. If IKEA does not have one I like, I have a look at Bemz ( ) who make covers for IKEA furniture, and they never disappoint. 

If you spill on your sofa, or have messy little kids, just unzip your covers and pop it in your washing machine and your sofa is as good as new again.

Have you considered an IKEA kitchen but hesitated due to having to design it yourself. There is no need. You can now pay a small fee and have an IKEA Kitchen Designer do it for you, all you need to do is bring accurate measurements of your room. You will be amazed with how talented they are. I sat down with one of them a few weeks ago, and not only did she come up with a beautiful design but she had a wealth of knowledge when it came to practicality and function of the kitchen. IKEA have such clever drawer configurations to ensure that you get the most out of your space.

And if you are worried about assembling it. There is no need. IKEA can organise to get it assembled for you in your home, and the cost is based on the purchase price.

With IKEA furniture you can also get very creative. Pinterest and Instagram is full of great IKEA DIY hacks and ways you can change how your products look and the way they are being used.


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